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SOGA is the largest hang gliding club of it's type in Ontario.

        Background:    Founded in 1979 we were originally called "Hang-On-Tario". We then became the "K-W Hang Gliding Club." Our last name change again reflected our Southwestern Ontario beginnings and S.O.G.A. stands for the Southwestern Ontario Gliding Association. Today we're referred to simply as SOGA and we're pleased to now boast a membership representing many of Southern Ontario's communities. Ontario's most active Hang Gliding club and Ontario's only member-funded aero-tow hang gliding club, we're located near the town of Shelburne on a private farm with groomed runways. Our facilities include glider storage, a camping area, and a large glider set-up area. We welcome visitors and are flying most weekends and some weekdays. Please visit our CONTACT page and let us know if you'd like to drop in for a visit.
Come visit our secret little place where we have so much fun, come touch the sky, or just enjoy watching.

AeroTowing: For a better understanding of the process refer to this detailed description of aerotowing. It is a really good nuts-and-bolts approach.


Ontario's ONLY Aero-tow Hang Gliding & Family Flight Park - We're now in our 27th year!

Both THE HISTORY CHANNEL & MUCH MUSIC have shot progams out at SOGA.


Chute clinic every spring.

Catch up with the latest news through our Contacts page. If you are a journalist, you can forward your enquiries to our Media Contacts. Add your name to our email list to receive news releases directly and hi res. photographs. Members of the media are encouraged to experience a TANDEM DISCOVERY FLIGHT in a hang glider. Contact us anytime to make arrangements or with your questions.



  • To promote safe and frequent flying among club members
  • To facilitate the sharing of information,experience and resources
  • To have fun and ensure that we have others to fly with


.Soga's Monthly Club Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Enquire as to time and location.


Pictures, videos, and stories from and about SOGA pilots.





Club (SOGA) Distance Record
Carlos Rizo [Teviotdale- Port Perry 149.8 KM (93 miles)
Ken Kinzie: Arthur to Deseronto (about a zillion km.)  2015

Senior Division:
1st Place - Ken Kinzie
2nd Place - Mark Kowalsky
3rd Place - Gary Ticknor
4th Place - John Pop
5th Place - Steve Younger
6th Place - David Uglow
7th Place - Rick Hines

Intermediate Division:
1st Place - Milko Angulo
2nd Place - Terry Ryan
3rd Place - Peter Morgan

Soga 2006 Most Improved Pilot
Milko Angulo

Senior Division:
1st Place - Ken Kinzie
2nd Place - Steve Younger
3rd Place - Martin MacLeod
4th Place - Gary Ticknor
5th Place - Joe Hockin
6th Place - Dave Uglow
7th Place - John Pop

Intermediate Division:
1st Place - Troy Whitmore
2nd Place - Milko Angulo
3rd Place - Armin Armbruster

Soga 2005 Most Improved Pilot
Dave Uglow

1st Place - Ken Kinzie
2nd Place - Shane Wright
3rd Place - Guy Le Blanc

Year Long Cross Country Competition 2004
1st Place -Carlos Rizo 90 KM (55.96 miles)
2nd Place -Ken Kinzie - 89 KM (55.39 miles)
3rd Place - Shane Wright - 56 KM (35.12 miles)

Soga 2004 Most Improved Pilot
Terry Ryan

1st Place - Carlos Rizo
2nd Place - Shane Wright
3rd Place - John Pop

Year Long Cross Country Competition 2003
1st Place - Ken Kinzie - 87.10 KM (54.12 miles)
2nd Place -Mike Gates - 81.54 KM (50.67 miles)
3rd Place - Joe Hockin - 55.97 KM (34.78 miles)

Soga 2003 Most Improved Pilot
Troy Whitmore

Year Long Cross Country Competition 2002
1st Place - Gary Ticknor 84.32 km
2nd Place - Ken Kinzie 56.52 km
3rd Place - Joe Hockin 42.62 km