Why Join SOGA ?

In a word ...... FUN.   When you're floating around at cloud-base and your only concern is finding that next thermal, life is pretty darn good. But beyond the ready access to flying, SOGA offers many other benefits.

Glider Storage / Camping / Large glider set-up area / Glider Rental / Camaraderie / Cross-country flight mentorship

Planned and impromptu social events / Free Seminars / Access to the members-only FaceBook page.

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How to Join:   Check out our Contact page for more information and our email address.

Fee Structure for 2021

Club Membership Fees: Club membership paid on or before May long weekend - $300.00.* Paid after May 24 - $400.00

Non-member Day fees: $50 per day (for qualified non-members), $25 for new AT graduates (for the remainder of the season)

Tow Fees: $35 per standard 2000' tow; Partial tow below 1,000' - $20.00; Tows above 2,000' are an additional $10.00/1000' provided there are no pilots waiting to launch.

Volunteer Recognition: Members can earn a $50 discount in membership fees by volunteer labour for a sanctioned work event or task. Earn a discount by contributing in excess of 10 hours on a minimum of two club work days. Time will be self logged at the site.

Glider Storage: Membership includes storage for one glider. If you have a second glider, there is an additional fee of $50.

[* Clarification: In the interest of encouraging more volunteer effort in support of the club and to recognize the significant benefit of volunteer effort of club members, the BOD has fine tuned the fee structure for 2021. In a nutshell, club fees will increase by $50, but members will be able to earn a $50 credit for working 10 hours on a minimum of two designated club work days. Club members who pay a $250 membership fee on or before May 24 will be committing to a minimum of 10 volunteer hours. If you don't anticipate being able to participate as a volunteer, please pay the full membership fee up front.]

Attention New Pilots - 2021 Fee Structure for Aerotow Students and New AT Pilots

Over the past several years SOGA has waived membership fees for students of the Aerotowing Course offered by Instinct.
The club has reduced or eliminated membership fees for new AT pilots.
At a recent meeting of the BoD, this policy was reaffirmed with minor adjustments as follows:

Aerotowing Student Fees: SOGA Annual Membership Fees are waived for aerotow students working toward their AT sign-off. Regular tow fees continue to apply.

New Members: For recently graduated AT pilots, their first annual SOGA Annual Membership fee is $100.00 before July 31 and $50 after that date. Full membership fees would apply for the following year. Regular tow fees continue to apply.


Looking forward to seeing you all out at the field this flying season.


Types of Membership: Full membership and Associate membership.

Non-members can subscribe to the SOGA FaceBook page to gain some insight into our club.

Who Can Join: Anyone can join as an associate member. In order to join SOGA as a full aerotow member, you must be, at minimum, a Novice rated pilot with an aerotow sign-off and have current HPAC insurance.

How To Join: Talk to other members to explore the possibilities to see if it is right for you. Come out to a monthly meeting and meet the members. Visit our field and watch how we do things. Then, if you're up for it, do not hesitate to contact us .

Board of Directors: There are 4 positions on SOGA's BoD. President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Trearurer.

Standing Committees: Public Relations and Safety.

Monthly Meetings: The membership meets once a month, usually on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Guests are welcome to attend.

Rates: Annual membership is for the calendar year. See above for details.

Breaking down after a great day of flying.


Southwestern Ontario Gliding Association is a not-for-profit corporation registered in the province of Ontario, Canada