Membership has its privileges.

Yes, membership in SOGA definitely has its privileges. Like access to the SOGA MEMBERS Yahoo forum and the "closed group" SOGA FaceBook page where we post and discuss forecast conditions, flying plans, and special events.  SOGA members can also use the confidential URL on your membership card to access the private members list and other member-specific resources. Not to mention that wonderful sense of belonging ... to an exclusive group of HG pilots who are friendly, supportive, and passionate about what they do.

Types of Membership:    Full membership and Associate membership.

Non-members can subscribe to the SOGA Yahoo Group forum to gain some insight into our club.

Who Can Join: Anyone can join as an associate member. In order to join SOGA as a full aerotow member, you must be, at minimum, a Novice rated pilot with an aerotow sign-off and have current HPAC insurance.

How To Join: Talk to other members to explore the possibilities to see if it is right for you. Come out to a monthly meeting and meet the members.    Visit our site and watch how we do things. Then, if you're still up for it, go to our Resources page, select Forms, and print out an Application For Membership. Fill it out and send it in .... along with a cheque and a signed SOGA waiver.

Membership List: The private area of this web site can be accessed using the info on your membership card.

BOD: There are 4 directors on SOGA's board.  President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Trearurer. Refer also to the Contact Us page.

Projects and Committees:  Public Relations and Safety.

Monthly Meetings: The membership meets once a month, usually on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Guests are welcome to attend.

Paid up members have full access to all amenities on site including glider storage and free camping.

Rates: Annual membership is for the calendar year. Full membership costs $250.00       Associate membership is $25.00

                  Aerotowing to 2000 feet or less: $30.00

Breaking down after a great day of flying.